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With The Dream Team Network in your corner, you’ll get access to the learning and tools you need to start growing your audience and readership into a full-time career.

Plus, you’ll have over a thousand professional authors backing you all the way – helping you implement the strategies and scale up your results with our unique joint-promotion network, accountability groups, mentorship program, support teams, challenges, and more.

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We are not just a course. The Dream Team Network is a professional community accelerator for authors.

We’ll work with you the moment you sign up to discover what you need to grow your readership and sales – and give you the learning, tools, motivation, and support you need to get there.

If you’re just getting started, we’ll show you how to find your first 500 fans and get them onto an email list. If you’re looking to grow, we’ll give you the resources you need to scale up quickly, with one-on-one and group support every single step of the way. Get started below, no credit card required.

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Everything waiting for you inside when you become a member

1. Joint Promo Network

We have over 1,200 professional authors writing in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres ready to help you scale up your results with targeted joint promotions. Learn the best way to get results with our detailed video training, then we’ll help match you up with other authors in your genre to turbo-charge your growth.


Find and connect with other authors by genre, location, keywords, and more. Plus, our Author Mentors are on hand to answer your burning questions, whether you need help with list building, advertising, email marketing, writing, editing, publishing or anything else that’s holding you back.

3. SUB-GENRE rooms

Whatever genre or subgenre you write in, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the headline top-level genres, we can cater for any other subgenres (no matter how niche) with our break-out sub-genre rooms.

4. full training courses

We’ve put together some detailed video courses taking you through all the specific strategies you need to grow your exposure and sales – from email list building, to writing and publishing, advertising, launch plans, and more.

5. accountability partners

Need help putting your plans into action? We can help set you up with an accountability partner who’s working on the same things you are – so you can check in and keep each other motivated and on track.

6. community & support

Browse and join our wide range of community support groups, covering everything from writing and craft, email marketing, list building, advertising, and everything inbetween. Got questions? We’ve got the answers.

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Oh, the places you’ll go.

With The Dream Team Network, you get instant access to our vault of detailed video training and full-length courses, showing you proven strategies to grow your readership, exposure, and sales.

We’ll also show you how to use joint and group promotions to grow your exposure and add hundreds (or thousands) of readers to your email list, fast – then help team you with the right authors to get results.


More member-only perks:

When you become a member, you’ll get full access to our private joint-promo network, unlimited book promotions in your genre, training courses, workshops, support groups, and access to our dedicated network of expert authors, marketers, and publishers – ready to help you grow on your own terms.

Need help? Our community is there to back you up, and we’ve put together sub-genre breakout rooms for every niche imaginable, made it easy to find other authors with our searchable members’ directory, opened up an exclusive Author Mentor program, and included private messaging and group chat built right in to the DTN app.

It’s everything you need to move the needle, with 1,200+ professional authors there to back you up every step of the way.


I write Women’s fiction in multiple subgenres under 2 pen names. I’m so looking forward to getting to know my fellow writers & helping each other grow into wildly successful authors! Thanks for making this possible! 🙏

Eleanore – New DTN Member


Access to the network, the courses, the groups, and the community is just a few clicks away.


Set up a profile and get instant access to the DTN community, courses, walkthroughs, sub-genre rooms, and more. Plus, you’ll have 30 days to test-drive DTN with our guarantee.


Check out our detailed video guides so you can get the most out of your promotions – whether your hosting or participating. We’ve got you covered, even if you’re started from zero.


Use the community groups, genre promo spaces, subgenre rooms, members’ directory, built-in chat, and more to build your team and turbo-charge your results. We’re there to help too.

Plus, you’ll have access to our Author Marketing Vault and Courses area, including sessions on writing, publishing, list building, advertising, and more. Need extra help? Our community, subgenre rooms, mentors, and accountability partner service will help you get the results you need.

A Little Love

A few results from past and current DTN members

“I hit 4,000+ new readers since joining the Dream Team Network and taking part in some promotions. Great growth indeed! “

Jamie Collins, Author

“After joining The Dream Team Network, I participated in some promotions and added over 2,000 new readers to my email list in the first couple of months!”

Lisa L Wiedmeier, Author

“I joined a historical fiction promo and added 1,204 readers to my list. Another mystery promo added 500+ readers.”

Phillip Bryant, Author


Do I need a big email list already?
No. Most of our members start out with a tiny email list, or no email list at all. We’ve made sure our training materials include proven strategies to kick-start your audience growth so you can scale up with other promo types quickly.

Is my genre included?
Yes. We’ve provided 28 dedicated spaces for top-level genres (mysteries, romance, non-fiction genres, etc) and have unlimited support for additional sub-genres via our break-out rooms. If you write in a genre that’s not initially listed in the network, just let us know and we’ll set one up for you.

I’m a total introvert. Is teaming up with other authors stressful?
Welcome to #teamintrovert. We’ve got you covered! Everyone in the network is there because they’re dedicated to work as a team and make connections to grow each other’s readership. We’ve made it easy and #introvertproof to reach out to relevant authors, post promos, and participate in campaigns – we can even do it for you, if you like, with our done-for-you posting option.

Is DTN just for Self-Published Authors or is it for Traditionally Published Authors? Does it Matter?
It doesn’t matter! Whichever publishing route you take, learning how to grow your audience and accessing group promotions will get your work in front of a much wider audience, regardless.

What Happens if I Change my Mind? Can I Cancel my Membership?
Yes! You can cancel future renewals at any time. If you decide to cancel inside the first 30 days, we will also refund your first payment – no questions asked.

I have a question before I sign up – who do I talk to?
No problemo. Just reply to any of the emails we’ve sent you and we’ll be back with you ASAP!


We stand behind The Dream Team Network and want you to love it. So, you can test drive all our features for free – no credit card required.

If you decide DTN is a good fit for you, just add your payment details near the end of your trial and we’ll handle the rest.

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Here’s everything waiting for you inside:

Detailed Walkthrough Videos: learn how to use the 4 main types of joint promotions to double, triple, or quadruple your reach and exposure – without needing complicated funnels or expensive ads. We’ll show you how to kick-start your results, even if you’re starting from zero.

Joint Promo Network: get access to 1,200+ professional authors, publishers, and experts and quickly build your Dream Team – whether you’re launching a new book, running a promo, or building your email list, you can quickly scale up your results week after week, month after month.

Community & Personal Support: our discussion groups can help you overcome your barriers and get you where you need to be fast. And if you need one-on-one help, our Author Mentors and support team can help map out a plan for you, based on where you’re at and where you want to be.

Full Courses: we’ve included our full courses The 60 Day Author and Bestseller Boxed Sets – with many more courses to be added in the coming weeks. When you join as a member, you get free access to all future content.

Author Marketing Vault: our selection of pre-recorded workshops covering a wide range of topics to help you boost your results. We will continue to add new workshops to this space and you’ll get free access as a DTN member.

Member Directory and Mentors: looking for someone in particular? You can browse and message our author members and filter by genre, location, keyword, and role. You can also find our team of Author Mentors to help you one-on-one with a wide range of subject matters, right inside the DTN app.

Sub-Genre Rooms and Accountability Partners: If you’re writing in a subgenre (no matter how obscure) we can set you up with a break-out room in addition to the main genre spaces to help you grow your team with the best people for you and your business goals. Coming very soon, we can also help match you up with an accountability partner to help you set effective goals and hit them every time.

And more: we’ll add more courses, workshops, groups, challenges, and mastermind programs in the coming weeks and months – so when you join today and lock in our special launch pricing, you’ll never pay extra as we update and expand the community.

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